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It’s not just a course.

It’s not just mentorship. It’s not just a community. It’s a full investing mastermind/mentorship eco-system designed specifically for people who are serious about their investing.

The Cash Flow Machine Eco-System includes:

Learn Professional Strategies in Our Integrated Online Campus

Our online university will speed your transformation into a skilled trader with on-demand video lessons from professional investors (your mentors) who teach you the secret Wall Street strategies you need to create lasting results in your investing.

Get Real-Time Advice in our LIVE Chat Environment

Our live chat environments are the incubators for your ideas in your investing strategy. Duplicate our trades, chat with us, all while honing your skills as you develop as a trader.

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Get Immediate Answers to Questions in Individual & Group Mentorship Sessions

Most traders invest by themselves. Is this you? The key to success in anything is not just the course curriculum, but the confidence to implement it. You want answers to your questions about the different market cycles and what is the right thing for you to do right now. Our members get exclusive access to both Individual and group mentorship sessions where you can get answers to any of your specific questions. You will be mentored by an expert income-fund manager who uses the methodology every day – so you can have the confidence to avoid the mistakes that he may have already made OR learn the successful strategies to create a winning outcome. He will also guide you along the path of success as you develop as an investor.

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Speed Your Path TO Success With Our Private Access Group

Piggy-back on the actual trades in an actual hedge fund in real-time. Know what stocks, options, and prices that a winning hedge fund is doing, right when they do them. Talk about confidence. We show you precisely what stock/option pairing is moving, where to enter, exit, and “collect the juice.”

Learn To Reduce risk While Earning Income

We understand that traders are different. So, we want you to decide what the best risk tolerance and trading program for YOU. We encourage each of our members to be conservative, to reduce risk, so we focus on lower-risk methods of creating income in your portfolio. Most of our members conservatively target 1% to 2% per week, and usually get it.


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wealth architect, Fund Manager, Author, mentor

“I believe that life is about learning and growing and becoming the best human you can be – so that you can inspire others to live their best life.”    ~Mark Yegge


I have always been fascinated by the process of building wealth. More importantly, I want people to know that there are better ways to create portfolio returns (Alpha) than those told to us by Wall Street. My group of funds consistently outperforms the S&P 500 Index, but interestingly, takes substantially less risk.


I believe that in today’s world, you must learn to be nimble. If you always do what you’ve always done; you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. That is why I take pride in teaching real-life principles about investing, wealth management, communication, health and relationships. Those are the real skills that we all need to know in the coming years.


I love to write, probably because I love to read and learn. I write about things that are practical, that can help make people better, maybe bring some positive change to the world. So far, I have authored books and courses about business, negotiation, wealth management, time management, and intricate investment strategies.

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